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Volume 9 Special Issue 5

A Review on Piezoelectric and Thermoelectric Nanogenerators

Devakadaksham Godfrey, R. Nitin Prajwal, Mohammad Adnan Liyakhat Pathan, Neha Amin, Rohan Krishnan Susarla, Mohamed Aasim Amjad, N.M. Bhavana, Tanvi Menon, Dhanur Vishnu Karthikeya Munukutla, Yu-Lin Chen, D. Godwinraj and M. Manikandan

This literature review illustrates the efficient design, basic history, and effective output of piezoelectric nanogenerators (PENGs) and pyroelectric nanogenerators (PyNGs) with the varieties of materials used in both the research to possible real-time applications.

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A 3D TCAD Model of a Non-aligned Double Gate Symmetrical Junction FET in Nanoscale Regime

Banoth Vasu Naik and Arun Kumar Sinha

This paper presents result from TCAD simulation of a proposed threedimensional (3D) non-aligned double-gate n-channel field effect transistor (NADGNFET device). The device has a junction and symmetrical structure with 50% non-alignment in gate placement and 40 nm channel length, giving improved results in various figures of merit used for calibrating nano devices.

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Effect of Band Parameters on the Performance of Interdiffused InGaN/GaN Quantum Dot Solar Cells

Anjali Rai, Syed Sadique Anwer Askari, Subindu Kumar and Mukul Kumar Das

We report on the investigation of a few important performance parameters of solar cells based on multi-layered Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) quantum dot (QD) layers embedded in the intrinsic region of a p-i-n structure. We have taken into account the variation of indium composition inside the QD and dot size due to interdiffusion, which may occur due to annealing or device processing steps.

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Investigation of Sintering Temperature Effect on the Sol-gel Synthesized Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles and Dielectric Constant Determination Using Impedance Spectroscopy

Inbanathan Flavia Princess Nesamani, M. Manikandan, M. Kalpana, Aswathy Paul and Dhivyasri Gopal

The nanoparticles of titanium dioxide (TiO2) are experimentally formed by sol-gel process with titanium isopropoxide as a precursor along with ethanol and distilled water. Nitric acid is mixed to change the value of pH in the solution.

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Design and Analysis of ZnO Based TFT for Detection of Hydrogen Gas

Pranaw Kumar, Tauseef Ahmed, Syed Saddique Anwer Askari and Mukul Kumar Das

In this paper, zinc oxide (ZnO)-based bottom gate top contact thin film transistors (TFT) of different aspect ratio (W/L) has been investigated where the TFT’s channel length (L) can be changed while maintaining a constant width (W).

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Pull-out Test Behavior for Graphene Nanoengineered Concrete

Suehail Aijaz Shah and Manzoor Ahmad Tantray

Cement concrete is the most commonly employed material in infrastructure development. The introduction of reinforcement with a higher tensile strength makes up for the relatively low tensile strength of cement in reinforced cement concrete.

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