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Volume 7, Issue 4

Miniature Non-Coding RNA- A Key Player in the Chronic Wound Healing

Muhammad Shakil Khan, Maleeha Azam and Raheel Qamar
Micro RNAs are associated with several diabetes complications especially the diabetic foot ulcers development. MiRNAs regulate the expression of genes which can lead to delay in wound healing in diabetic foot ulcer and ultimately amputation, a life threatening risk.

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Quantum Switching Modeling and Optimization of a Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Gated Y-Shaped Structure

Trevor McDonough, Vladimir Mitin, Vadim Tokranov, Michael Yakimov and Serge Oktyabrsky
Using Silvaco Atlas codes achieving 3D simulation by combining a 2D Schrodinger-Poisson electrostatic solver and non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) transport simulator, we demonstrated low-power switching in a gated Y-shaped one-dimensional ballistic waveguides prepared from Al-free InGaAs/ GaAs quantum well.

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