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Design and Finite Element Analysis of a Tire Shredding Machine for the Materials Laboratory

Edison O. Arguello, Oscar B. Arteaga, Héctor C. Terán, Luis B. Guevara and Najely B. Gálvez


The article presents the design calculations of the elements of a tire shredding machine, using mathematical formulas, analyses the influence on the parameterization of mechanical stresses when using rubber that will be cut in its natural state compared to the same material with a natural bio-coating through triglyceride fatty acids present in palm oil, which acts on the surface without altering the chemical composition. The materials used for the machine are A36 structural steel for the blades, bedplates, spacers, and structure, AISI 4340 steel being the most suitable for use in a shaft. Free body diagrams were also made for the designed shaft to observe the bending and torsional moments acting on it. Using CAD-CAE software, a finite element analysis was carried out in which we can find the Von Mises stresses and the safety factor of each designed part. The findings include increasing factors, efficiency as well as optimizing the time needed to obtain the tire shredding with the optimal particle size and reducing final costs in the production of the raw material. It is proposed to replace the glycerine used as a rubber degrader with a palm oil-based bio coating with a thickness of ± 50 nm containing triglycerides and natural fatty acids.

Published on: March 14, 2024
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2024-s1-021
Citation: Arguello EO, Arteaga OB, Teran HC, Guevara LB, Galvez NB. 2024. Design and Finite Element Analysis of a Tire Shredding Machine for the Materials Laboratory. NanoWorld J 10(S1): S116-S120.

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