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Effect of Dielectric Fluid and Control Parameters During Machining Al7055 and Nano Si3N4 Metal Matrix Composites

Vijayendra Kukanur and S. Ajith Arul Daniel


This paper deals with the electric discharge machining of Al 7055 and nano silicon nitride (Si3N4) to find the effect of various input parameters on discharge current, flushing pressure, pulse off time and pulse on time over the response parameters such as material removal rate (MRR), surface roughness (SR) and electrode wear rate (EWR). The metal matrix composite was taken in the combination of Al 7055 with 9% Si3N4 of particulate size and a particle size of 30 nm. Taguchi L9 orthogonal array was chosen for analysing and conducting experiments to find the optimum input parameters. Also, Taguchi assisted grey relational analysis (GRA) was used to find the multi-objective input parameters. The result through Taguchi shows that input current and pulse on time is the most influencing parameters on SR, EWR and MRR. The GRA results shows that 5 input of discharge current 40 pulse on time, 20 pulse off time and 0.25 of flushing pressure offers better response results.

Published on: March 12, 2024
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2024-s1-015
Citation: Kukanur V and Daniel SAA. 2024. Effect of Dielectric Fluid and Control Parameters During Machining Al 7055 and Nano Si3 N4 Metal Matrix Composites. NanoWorld J 10(S1): S79-S83.

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