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Parametric Analysis of Electric Discharge Machining for Nanocomposites

Kamalkishor Maniyar and Smita Suhane


Multiple reinforcements can be found in nanocomposites. When compared to single reinforced composites, it offers superior mechanical and tribological qualities. Because hard materials are challenging to work with using traditional machining techniques, non-traditional machining methods must be introduced. Independent of the qualities of the workpiece material, electric discharge machining (EDM) is widely recognized and used. The primary objectives of this work are to increase material removal rate (MRR) and to investigate the ideal combination of EDM parameters. The liquid stir casting technique is used to create the nanocomposites. The trails are taken on electrode using L27 orthogonal array. With the help of the Taguchi method, the study provides the ideal combination of machining parameters for recently created advanced materials used in nanocomposites. Confirmatory tests are used to validate the experimental data.

Published on: March 11, 2024
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2024-s1-012
Citation: Maniyar K and Suhane S. 2024. Parametric Analysis of Electric Discharge Machining for Nanocomposites. NanoWorld J 10(S1): S63-S65.

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