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Role of Nanotechnology in Building Smart Cities

Govind Murari Upadhyay, Priti Sharma, Pramod Kumar Soni and Pradeep Kumar


Developing cities that are environmentally friendly, greener, and smarter is urgently needed due to the rising urbanization and resource scarcity. The concept of “smart cities” is crucial from the standpoint of the growing urban population and intelligently meeting demand. Nanotechnology is used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, biomedicine, and military hardware. Nanotechnology can create smart cities by exploiting distinct nanomaterials for energy storage, smart building construction, infrastructure, smart textiles, environmental remediation, and nanoscale imaging innovations, just to name a few. The authors of this article have tried to offer insight into the ways that nanotechnology can be applied to the creation of smart cities.

Published on: December 27, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-063
Citation: Upadhyay GM, Sharma P, Soni PK, Kumar P. 2023. Role of Nanotechnology in Building Smart Cities. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S357-S360.

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