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Polymer-based Corrosion Inhibitors: A Comprehensive Review and Modification Strategies

Himanshi Tyagi, Susruta Samanta, Debasis Behera and Amrita Biswas


The use of polymer-based corrosion inhibitors has garnered significant attention as an effective means to combat corrosion and prolong the durability of metallic materials. This review article provides a detailed examination of recent advancements in this field, with a specific focus on the strategies employed to enhance the performance of polymer-based corrosion inhibitors. The principles of corrosion inhibition and the advantages associated with polymer usage, the review explores diverse types of polymers utilized as corrosion inhibitors, encompassing synthetic, biopolymer, and conducting polymers. The discussion encompasses synthesis methods, corrosion inhibition mechanisms, and the relationships between polymer structure and properties. Furthermore, the article emphasizes the significance of comprehending the interplay between polymers and metal surfaces in achieving effective corrosion protection. Various modification techniques are also investigated, including chemical modification, copolymerization, the incorporation of functional groups, the formation of nanocomposites, and surface modification. The challenges and prospects in the field are addressed, underscoring the need for innovative approaches such as stimuli-responsive polymers, smart coatings, and self-healing systems. This comprehensive review serves as a valuable reference for researchers and professionals in the corrosion science and engineering domain, consolidating existing knowledge and providing directions for further research endeavors.

Published on: December 27, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-071
Citation: Tyagi H, Samanta S, Behera D, Biswas A. 2023. Polymer-based Corrosion Inhibitors: A Comprehensive Review and Modification Strategies. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S411-S417.

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