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Nanotechnology Integration for Enhanced Performance of Wearable IoT Devices

Ankit Kumar, Kamred Udham Singh, Linesh Raja, Pradeep Kumar, Shilpa Sharma, Teekam Singh and Naresh Kedia


Sensors that are driven by microtechnology and nanotechnology have revolutionized the biomedical and environmental landscapes, which in turn has revolutionized the detection and quantification of analytes. In the field of biomedicine, the introduction of these sensors has catalyzed illness detection, sped the process of drug development, and enabled point-of-care diagnostics. Together, they have been helpful in determining the quality of the air, water, and soil, which has resulted in comprehensive monitoring of the environment and protection of the food supply. Despite the incredible progress that has been made, there are still many obstacles to overcome. This review paper offers a comprehensive analysis of current developments in sensors enabled by microtechnology and nanotechnology, with a focus on their applications in the fields of biomedicine and environmental science. By elucidating the cutting-edge techniques and methodologies, the review underscores the need for continuous research to enhance sensor capabilities, sensitivity, selectivity, wireless integration, and energy efficiency. The call for optimizing material selection, automated components, and advanced fabrication and characterization techniques encapsulates the vision for the future of sensor technology. With the march of technology paralleling the evolution of hu-man lifestyles, the demand for convenience and ease has grown fervently. This tendency culminates in the merging of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled wearable sensors with nanotechnology, igniting a revolutionary wave in the field of sensor technology. Real-time, location independent identification of pollutants, illnesses, and toxins is made possible by this paradigm change, providing previously unheard-of accessibility and efficiency. The limitations and constraints that come with this fusion also invite discussion about the opportunities and roadblocks that lie at the nexus of nanotechnology and IoT. This featured article carefully gathers up-to-date knowledge about wearable sensors with nanotechnology capabilities within the IoT framework. In addition to giving an outline of their existing and future applications, it also explores the upcoming problems that call for creative solutions and focused research efforts.

Published on: December 28, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-060
Citation: : Kumar A, Singh KU, Raja L, Kumar P, Sharma S, et al. 2023. Nanotechnology Integration for Enhanced Performance of Wearable IoT Devices. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S333-S340.

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