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Simulation and Optimization of ZnO/CuO/Cds Solar Cell Using SCAPS

Indu Chandran, T.D. Subash and Malathy Batumalay


Here, SCAPS-1D (Solar Cell Capacitance Simulator) software was used for simulations of ZnO (Zinc oxide)/CuO (Copper oxide)/Cds (Cadmium sulfide) thin-film solar cells. Based on the device structure and manufacturing process, the solar cell structure parameters such as CuO layer thickness, ZnO layer, etc. were evaluated in detail. The results showed that the optimal structure of the ZnO/CuO/Cds heterojunction solar cell thin film could be obtained when the ZnO layer thickness, the CuO layer and the Cds layer of the buffer layer are 0.1 µm, 2 µm and 1 µm. Thin-film solar cells have been widely used for power generation due to their low manufacturing cost and high conversion efficiency. ZnO is a highly conductive and excellent transparent thin film in the visible region. Simulation results of this three-layer heterojunction layer indicate that a high efficiency (Eta) value of 18.61 can be obtained at a short-circuit current density as high as 36.323

Published on: December 22, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-019
Citation: Chandran I, Subash TD, Batumalay M. 2023. Simulation and Optimization of ZnO/CuO/Cds Solar Cell Using SCAPS. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S97-S100.

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