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Plithogenic Fuzzy Decision-making on Carbon-based Nanomaterials in Electrical Industries

S. Sudha, F.X. Edwin Deepak, N. Ramila Gandhi, P. Pandiammal and Nivetha Martin


Nanomaterials are occupying a significant status in almost all the industries and electrical industries are not an exception to it. The penetration of nanomaterials in the production of electrical components has been high in recent years because of the versatility nature of these nanomaterials. Carbon-based nanomaterials (CBM) are the embodiment of carbon particles and are widely used in electrical industries. The materials are highly competent as they possess the properties of high electrical conductivity, flexibility, elasticity, tensile strength, thermal conductivity but at the same time the number of CBM are many which constraints the decision-makers on choosing the optimal CBM. This decision making problem on optimal CBM is presented in this paper and this research work aims in finding the optimal ranking using the integrated methods of plithogenic neutrosophic AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) and fuzzy RAPS (Ranking Alternatives by Perimeter Similarity). To examine the consistency of the ranking outcomes of the alternatives, the results are contrasted with various scenarios of identical criterion weights and differing criterion weights based on experts. The ranking approach discussed in this paper shall be applied to other types of nanomaterials as an extension of this work.

Published on: December 22, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-023
Citation: Sudha S, Deepak FXE, Gandhi NR, Pandiammal P, Martin N. 2023. Plithogenic Fuzzy Decision-making on Carbon-based Nanomaterials in Electrical Industries. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S113-S118.

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