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An IoT Based Traffic Controller with Li-Fi by Nanotechnology

John De Britto Chinnappan, Senthil Kumar Ramalingam and Anoop Kuttichakku Johny


Future IoT (Internet of Things) systems must become more dynamic, multimodal, and expandable as a function of the emerging human-centricity of IoT applications. Recently, rising technologies like the IoT and shade summing have arisen and are now a regular part of our lives. An innovative IT support is creature fashioned added by mutual rune of the darken and IoT to lecture to existing and probable strain. Because of the restricted network bandwidth and high latency disruption caused by the continued growth for and volume in IoT data, data transfer from the network edge to computer servers has become a crucial challenge. Eliminating the inherent limitation was becoming necessary due to the adoption of a recent computing idea in the architecture of cloud computing. By distributing and receiving data over LED headlights and taillights, Li-Fi technology enables deeply effective vehicle to vehicle interaction. In this study, we suggest a traffic management and car safety system that incorporates Li-Fi enabled LED headlights, taillights, and traffic signal lights. This system’s inventors wanted to make travelling safer and extra enhanced manage traffic with nano technology.

Published on: December 22, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-029
Citation: Chinnappan JDB, Ramalingam SK, Johny AK. 2023. An IoT Based Traffic Controller with Li-Fi by Nanotechnology. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S149-S153.

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