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Design of 1D Photonic Crystal Based Sensor for Detection of Cancer Cells

Amal Sundar Gracias, Vinitha Bose and Joseph Wilson Kulandai Samy


A one-dimensional (1D) photonic crystal composed of alternating layers of silicon and silicon dioxide (SiO2) with a defective layer is theoretically designed for the detection of cancer cells. The transfer matrix method is used for the theoretical formulation, and the computational analysis is done using MATLAB software. The transmission spectra of the proposed structure (AB)ND(AB)N has been analyzed by using various cell samples as the defect layer, including normal and cancer cells. Different cell samples, such as HeLa, Basal and Jurkat are used as analytes in the defect layer. Several parameters, including sensitivity (S), figure of merit (FOM), and quality factor (Q), have been theoretically estimated to assess the effectiveness of our design. A high sensitivity of 272.8 nm/RIU, high quality factor of 1.3 x 104, high FOM of 5.4 x 103 RIU are observed for our proposed design, which implies that our designed photonic crystal structure may be suitable for cancer detection and other biosensing applications.

Published on: December 21, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s5-008
Citation: Gracias AS, Bose V, Samy JWK. 2023. Design of 1D Photonic Crystal Based Sensor for Detection of Cancer Cells. NanoWorld J 9(S5): S40-S43.

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