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Web Application for Managing and Preserving R&D Records

Marumoju Dheeraj, Ajay Raj Palaparthi, Guntupally Uday and G.R. Anil


The majority of academic institutions struggle with record management of journals, conferences, projects, patents, etc., that the faculty publish in engineering colleges, and they still depend on paperwork and manual procedures to track the information of interest. A web-based research and development (R&D) records management system will reduce the manual work by deploying centralized software incorporated with various loosely coupled services which interact with each other. The requirement of maintaining records on a calendar year, and academic year as well as generating the summary sheets whenever it is required. Manually, it takes a lot of time for research and development criteria faculties. This project aims to create an application that will automatically generate and save reports. This allows any faculty member to upload their research articles, projects, and patents, along with any supporting documentation and summary sheets, for access by the principal and other higher authorities. With this, the entire process of research, development, and maintenance will be made simpler.

Published on: December 11, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s4-093
Citation: Dheeraj M, Palaparthi AR, Uday G, Anil GR. 2023. Web Application for Managing and Preserving R&D Records. NanoWorld J 9(S4): S546-S551.

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