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Smart Garbage Monitoring System Leveraging Raspberry Pi Technology

G.N.S. Kanthi Sree, C. Khyathi Sri and Namani Deepika Rani


Healthy lifestyle and good environment start from a clean place. In this highly populated metropolitan city, the crisis for cleanliness needs to be discussed. Managing of garbage has various steps included in it, starting from the waste collection, segregation to waste management it requires a lot of work to be done behind. Recycling process needs to be effective. This project can be implemented using Internet of Things (IoT) under the concepts of smart cities. This makes the work easy as it consumes less time and gives out productive outputs. On overall basis acute garbage monitoring system provides a great impact in smart cities. This is the best method for waste management compared to manually monitoring the waste wherein it requires lot of time and human work. Also, the cost can be controlled using good equipment. The waste management process is dispensable. This can also be implemented by using machine learning. This paper gives justification for smart management of wastage by providing few steps in detail like sending notification to garbage collectors whenever the bins are full via smart devices and through built-in sensors. The entire process is monitored using Raspberry Pi. This avoids scattering of garbage and keeps the place clean.

Published on: December 08, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s4-088
Citation: Kanthi Sree GNS, Khyathi Sri C, Rani ND. 2023. Smart Garbage Monitoring System Leveraging Raspberry Pi Technology. NanoWorld J 9(S4): S518-S523.

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