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Corrosion Behavior of Gas Nitrided Bearing Steel

Venkatesh Begori, Anil Kumar Reddy Chinnagireddy, Kasi Visheswashar Rao, Ashok Kumar Madupoju, Venkat Ram Reddy Pandugula and Sreekar Velineni


Investigations have been made into the corrosion behavior of gas nitrided M50 bearing steel in corrosive media such artificial sea water solution. Initially, the material is prepared by employing a tool like electrical discharge machining (EDM) cutting processes to create the precise needed dimensions of sample. Nano coatings play an important role in improving hardness, corrosion and wear resistance of metal, physical vapor deposition coating method by using TiC and N, was adopted for nano structured M50 maternsite Steel. In this paper, to improve corrosion resistance, the material was gas nitrided. Using a variety of parameters, the electro potentiodynamic test is used to examine the corrosion resistance and surface roughness of these materials. With the aid of an electronic weighing balance, the necessary chemicals are added to create the seawater solution. The prepared solution is made available to the materials. Finally, the materials are taken away throughout various time frames. A potentiostat is used to measure the corrosion rates. Open circuit voltage (OCV) has been used to characterize corroded surfaces. For chosen samples with determined corrosive resistance, tafel plots and open circuit potential (OCP) test graphs are created. The findings demonstrate that heat treatment improves the corrosion resistance of M50 steel.

Published on: November 30, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s4-062
Citation: Begori V, Chinnagireddy AKR, Rao KV, Madupoju AK, Pandugula VRR, et al. 2023. Corrosion Behavior of Gas Nitrided Bearing Steel. NanoWorld J 9(S4): S361-S365.

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