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Modern Voltage Stability Monitoring Based on Arduino and Alert Through Messaging Service

Chithras Thangavel, Vinoth Krishnamoorthy, Karthik Krishnasamy, Shahana Parveen and Shiva Sankari


Due to the growing number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the market and the demand from governments to reduce vehicle emissions to zero at the absolute latest by 2050, there is a significant need for more efficient charging solutions. Due to nanotechnology development, all integrated circuit size has been reduced and the space requirement and cost of the integrated circuit also reduced. The consumer’s use of the road determines how much money is collected under the existing toll gate tariff scheme. The toll collector must enter it and physically validate it before entering the vehicle number into the toll gate system. But some cases, due to negligence of the person may get wrong tariff. Also, they are not taking enough steps to monitor the under voltage or over voltage issues happened in grid which is supplies the current to the dynamic vehicle charging system. Because of these two different faults consumer appliances like battery and controlling circuits may damage. This paper proposed to monitoring the under voltage or over voltage faults and inform the same to the consumer as well as service provider based on giving an alert through a message using nanotechnology component global system for mobile communication (GSM). Additionally, it is guarding against surges brought on by sudden loss of the main power supply and online load identification utilizing a measurement-based strategy based on phasor measurement units. To prevent voltage collapse, it was suggested that the proximity to voltage instability be assessed. Various control and protection strategies were applied based on the load characteristics in various scenarios. Also, this system will give exact tariff details to the customer and it can pay through any nanoscience application.

Published on: November 27, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s4-025
Citation: Thangavel C, Krishnamoorthy V, Krishnasamy K, Parveen S, Sankari S. 2023. Modern Voltage Stability Monitoring Based on Arduino and Alert Through Messaging Service. NanoWorld J 9(S4): S139-S143.

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