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Conceptual Design and Analysis of Smart Steps for Elderly/Differently Abled Persons in Rural Public Transport Buses

Tadala Ravi, Gadudasu Babu Rao, Bannaravuri Praveen Kumar, Masepogu Wilson Kumar and Tobias Brieger


The elderly and differently abled population in India is growing rapidly, posing challenges for accessing public transport due to inadequate infrastructure. Specifically, the first step height from the road level makes boarding and deboarding buses difficult, especially for elderly individuals with lower extremity impairments or arthritis. To address this issue, the authors designed and developed dynamic boarding and deboarding steps that would transport passengers from the road level to the bus floor. This article presents the design process, transient structural analysis, and fabrication of a scaled-down prototype made from acrylic material. Additionally, an electronic controller was incorporated to test the system’s effectiveness before finalizing the design for real-time testing. The results indicated that the entire system met the functional requirements of dynamic smart steps. Furthermore, the article discusses the integration of nanotechnology and nanoscience in improving the system’s efficiency and ensuring the safety of elderly passengers. By leveraging nanotechnology, the system’s stability and durability can be significantly enhanced, providing a secure and reliable experience for vulnerable individuals. This research demonstrates a commitment to addressing the accessibility challenges faced by the elderly and differently abled population in India. By developing innovative solutions and incorporating advanced technologies like nanotechnology, the authors aim to create inclusive and improved public transportation systems and potential to positively impact the lives of numerous individuals by enabling them to access public transport with ease and confidence.

Published on: November 27, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s4-034
Citation: Ravi T, Rao GB, Kumar BP, Kumar MW, Brieger T. 2023. Conceptual Design and Analysis of Smart Steps for Elderly/Differently Abled Persons in Rural Public Transport Buses. NanoWorld J 9(S4): S192-S198.

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