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Solar Intercrossed Advanced Technology SiC: Capturing Solar (Light + Thermal) Energy

Ravi Sankara Vara Prasad Mesa and Rambabu Govada


The VTIR layer, “Visibly Transparent Infrared Reflective,” can divide the incoming sunlight into two distinct regions: visible and infrared. It does this by reflecting the photons whose wavelength is identical to that of infrared while allowing the visual component of the electromagnetic spectrum to pass through it. Because of this, the layer can separate the incoming sunlight into two distinct regions: the visible and the infrared. This layer is generated on the surface of solar modules, which are structured to concentrate the reflected infrared radiation onto a thermal absorber tower. This allows for the formation of this layer. Solar modules are protected from overheating by being limited in their exposure to unfiltered regions of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to visible light. Because of this, they have not lost any of their efficacies. A thermal exchanger is used to transfer the thermal energy that was initially given to the tower into a heat-conducting fluid. This is used in producing electricity, hydrogen, or energy storage in a thermal storage tank, steam boiler, or electrolyzer, respectively. The azimuth and zenith angles of the sun are inputs sent to the sophisticated controller that is built on artificial intelligence and machine learning by the relevant sensors. The system will then provide real-time instructions for each solar module or table, instructing it to modify its tilt angle along two axes based on location. This guarantees that the most significant quantity of the sun’s rays will strike it and be reflected toward the tower. Because of this, it is projected that the system’s overall efficiency will be increased by around fifty percent per square meter by vertically integrating two different types of solar technology.

Published on: November 24, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s4-013
Citation: Mesa RSVP, Govada R. 2023. Solar Intercrossed Advanced Technology SiC: Capturing Solar (Light + Thermal) Energy. NanoWorld J 9(S4): S73-S76.

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