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Revolutionizing Grease Additives and Transmission Systems: Harnessing Titanium and Titanium Carbide with Nanotechnology

Vitthal Sadashiv Gutte, Shrihari Mahadeo Bondar, Yogesh R Kulkarni, Shounak Suave, Balaso Nivrutti Jagdale and Nilima Zade


Nanomaterials, with their unique microstructure and quantum size effect, have found applications in numerous industries. In addition, it has several benefits that aren’t seen in more conventional materials. High temperature tolerance, zero pollution, and other features make nanometer-sized titanium (Ti) and titanium carbide (TiC) ideal for use in grease additives as inorganic nonmetal high-tech materials. Grease additives might have improved tribological properties by utilizing special qualities like odorless ness and tasteless ness. Similarly, grease is an ingredient that isn’t used in the making of machinery. It is critical to monitor and enhance service performance on a constant basis. Investigate how the concept of nanoparticles might inspire fresh approaches to transmission grease additives; evaluated the pros and cons of nanotechnology and analyse its potential for further growth and fusion in the field of application . The research methodology of detailed study of specific topics will be used in this article to compare facts and draw conclusions. According to the findings, 80% of the grease required for lubrication is reserved for rolling bearings. Titanium added to lubricating grease can increase additive stability by 26%, maximizing the grease’s useful life. As a result, nano-technology is utilized to actively develop and enhance the technical level by complete absorption and reform in line with the features of the current period. This study examines the many application challenges and research potential, and then suggests the realization road toward better chemical coatings. These ideas help direct research and development, gaining vital insight for widespread nanotechnology usage.

Published on: November 03, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-166
Citation: Natarajan S, Arulkumar G, Natarajan K, Duraisamy S, Govindaraj S. 2023. Revolutionizing Grease Additives and Transmission Systems: Harnessing Titanium and Titanium Carbide with Nanotechnology. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S937-S943.

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