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Effect of Alumina Nano-filler in Glass/Hemp/Jute Reinforced Composite

Ganapati Ramavat, Omprakash Beedalannagari, S. Jothi Arunachalam, Diego Mayorga, María Albuja, Mayakannan Selvaraju and G. Sathishkumar


The researchers looked at the mechanical properties of glass, jute, and hemp fiber reinforcing composites with aluminum oxide (Alumina) particles. The combination of alumina and jute fiber, as well as glass and hemp fiber, provided significant possibilities for changing the epoxy matrix. The fabrication of the composites was carried out using a manual hand lay-up technique, with the glass, jute, and hemp fiber volume fractions held constant at 20%, 10%, and 10%, respectively, with the alumina particle percentage ranging from 1 to 4 wt.%. When compared to the fiber reinforcement epoxy without alumina, the findings showed considerable improvements in different mechanical parameters. However, increasing the alumina particles to 4 wt.% resulted in even greater gains in mechanical characteristics. A few parameters, including tensile strength, flexural strength revealed a reversal in the enhanced trend when the alumina content was raised to 4 wt.%, despite the general favourable trend in mechanical property increases brought on by the inclusion of alumina particles.

Published on: November 03, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-143
Citation: Ramavat G, Beedalannagari O, Arunachalam SJ, Mayorga D, Albuja M, et al. 2023. Effect of Alumina Nano-filler in Glass/ Hemp/Jute Reinforced Composite. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S814-S817.

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