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Synergistic Effect of Nano River Shell Powder and Zeolite on the Strength and Durability Characteristics of Concrete

Lavanya Muthugoundenpalayam Rajendran, Johnpaul Vincent, Balasundaran Natarajan and Venkatesan Govindan


Concrete is a composite material used in the construction sector because of its high-quality mechanical and physical qualities. Utilizing by-products from the aquaculture industry, such as snail shells, is a major problem. One of the most efficient ways to address this demand is to incorporate natural zeolites into the concrete-making process so as to increase the material’s performance, structure, durability, and mechanical properties. Calcium-rich river shells are in demand as an additive to cement. One of the most demanding yet exciting research problems for many scholars in this industry to date has been enhancing the features of concrete to deal with such limits. This essay sets out to accomplish that very thing by outlining the steps required to create a nano-modified concrete with enhanced properties using nano-river shell particles and natural zeolite. The current study provides a novel way for integrating zeolite, a mineral additive, with spacers constructed of synopsis (nanosized river shell powder) to make a composite with greater strength and stability. The produced composites were used to experimentally evaluate the impact of natural zeolite and nanosized powders of snail shell on the structural and mechanical features of composites. Also evaluated were the effects of incorporating several percentages of zeolite into the cement mix (5 – 10%, 15 – 25%, and 20 – 30%). When combined with zeolite, the shell powders’ filling and reinforcing characteristics led to positive results in mechanical strength testing. Natural zeolite’s high-water crystallization made it an ideal internal cure and improved cement hydration in cement manufacturing.

Published on: October 20, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-096
Citation: Rajendran LM, Vincent J, Natarajan B, Govindan V. 2023. Synergistic Effect of Nano River Shell Powder and Zeolite on the Strength and Durability Characteristics of Concrete. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S527-S535.

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