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Effect of Fiber on the Performance of Self-compacting Concrete with Fly Ash, GGBS, and Alccofine as Cementitious Materials

Raghavendra Dollaiah, Ramesh Venu and Pradeep Rajanna Hampannaver


This research study focuses on investigating the effects of incorporating hybrid fibers and supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) on the performance of self-compacting concrete (SCC). The study evaluates four different SCC mixes with varying compositions, including 100% cement, cement with steel fiber and polypropylene fiber (PPF), and mixes with a combination of cement and ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS). The research aims to comprehend the influence of these additives on fresh concrete properties, mechanical properties (compressive strength, split tensile strength, and flexural strength), and behaviour under elevated temperatures of 200 °C and 300 °C. Additionally, microstructural analyses were conducted to understand the complex material interactions within the concrete matrix. The methodology involves casting, curing, and testing of the SCC mixes, adhering to relevant standards and guidelines. The fresh concrete properties revealed variations in workability, while mechanical tests showcased improvements in strength and durability due to fiber and GGBS additions. Elevated temperature tests demonstrated the mixes’ performance under thermal stress, with fiber-reinforced mixes exhibiting enhanced resistance. Microstructural analyses elucidated the presence of different phases, including C-S-H gel, ettringite, hydrated and unhydrated cement paste, voids, and microcracks. Key findings underline the benefits of hybrid fibers and GGBS in enhancing mechanical properties and elevated temperature resistance. The microstructural analyses provided insights into the complex interactions among constituents. The study concludes that a careful selection of fiber types and SCMs can significantly improve SCC’s overall performance, making it suitable for various construction applications. The findings contribute to a deeper understanding of SCC’s behavior, particularly under challenging conditions, offering valuable insights for optimizing mix designs and achieving desired performance characteristics.

Published on: October 19, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-092
Citation: Dollaiah R, Venu R, Hampannaver PR. 2023. Effect of Fiber on the Performance of Selfcompacting Concrete with Fly Ash, GGBS, and Alccofine as Cementitious Materials. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S500-S509.

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