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Investigation on Hardness of AA8176 Reinforced Nano Graphene Using Novel Encapsulate Stir Casting Technique

Sivasankaran Babu, Lakshmaiya Natrayan and Anbalagan Saravanan


The primary objective of this study was to gauge and subsequently analyze the hardness quotient of AA8176 when reinforced with 10% nano graphene. This amalgamation was achieved through an innovative encapsulation method, and the outcome was juxtaposed against the hardness of the as-cast AA8176. A distinctive encapsulation stir-casting technique was the methodology chosen for the fabrication of the samples in both groups. Group 1 was the product of an amalgamation between nano graphene (comprising 10% of the total) and AA8176. Conversely, group 2 exclusively utilized AA8176. Adherence to the ASTM E92 standards was paramount in the preparation of these samples. The hardness of these prepared samples was then discerned by employing a Vickers hardness apparatus. Each of the two groups had a set of 20 meticulously prepared samples. The computational procedure to determine the sample size was anchored in a G-power of 80%, with an α value set at 0.05, resulting in a total sample size of 40. The results revealed that the hardness apex was achieved with the material infused with 10% graphene, registering a hardness uptick of 25% in comparison to the as-cast AA8176. The t-test, a statistical analytical tool, confirmed a marked variance in the hardness mean between the two groups, registering a significant p-value of 0.00 (p < 0.05). Drawing from the evidence and data presented within the contours of this research, one can conclusively infer that the integration of 10% nano graphene into the AA8176 composite markedly elevates its hardness.

Published on: October 16, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-074
Citation: Babu S, Natrayan L, Saravanan A. 2023. Investigation on Hardness of AA8176 Reinforced Nano Graphene Using Novel Encapsulate Stir Casting Technique. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S410-S413.

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