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Experimental Investigation on Wear Behavior of AA4032 Reinforced Nano Si3N4 Using Novel Encapsulate Stir Casting Technique

Hemachandran Bharath Ram, Lakshmaiya Natrayan and Agaram Sundaram Vickram


This research delved into the intricate comparison between the wear behavior of as-cast AA4032, and a composite blend enriched with 10% nano Si3N4. This composite wasn’t constructed through conventional methods but utilized a sophisticated encapsulating technique, underpinning its distinctiveness. Creating samples for the composite and the as-cast alloy relied on a combination of stir-casting and the aforementioned encapsulating method. The research was bifurcated into two primary groups to ensure clarity and distinction. Group 1 championed the as-cast AA4032, presenting it in its pure, unaltered state. In contrast, group 2 featured a meticulous blend of AA4032 alloy and 10% nano Si3N4, presenting a reinforced composite. To maintain a gold standard in producing these samples, the globally recognized ASTM E92 standards were diligently followed. The true mettle of these samples was then tested using the pin-on-disc apparatus, a trusted method in evaluating wear behaviour. Each group consisted of 20 carefully crafted samples, leading to 40 samples for the entire research. The rationale behind choosing this sample size was driven by the G-power analysis, which stood at 80%, combined with an α value of 0.05 for each set. The findings were nothing short of revelatory. The composite bolstered by the 10% nano Si3N4 manifested wear resistance properties that surpassed its as-cast AA4032 counterpart by a staggering 58%. Further strengthening these findings was the t-test’s statistical analysis, which underscored a marked difference between the two groups. With a compelling p-value of 0.00 (indicative of a significant distinction when p < 0.05), the wear variance between group 1 and group 2 came to the fore. Given the constraints and parameters of this exhaustive research, one clear insight emerged: adding 10% nano Si3N4 to the AA4032 alloy dramatically augments its wear resistance, pointing towards the vast potential of this composite in industrial applications.

Published on: October 16, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-075
Citation: Ram HB, Natrayan L, Vickram AS. 2023. Experimental Investigation on Wear Behavior of AA4032 Reinforced Nano Si3N4 Using Novel Encapsulate Stir Casting Technique. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S414-S418.

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