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Experimental Investigation on the Flexural Behavior of Optimized Green Concrete

Laksmipurapu Sai Ram Phani Kesari and Samuel Simron Rajkumar


The project aims to investigate the effect of incorporating various sustainable materials such as recycled aggregates or industrial by-products into concrete mixtures to enhance its flexural behavior. The various items present in modified concrete are cement, fine aggregate, 20 mm coarse aggregate, water, and novel wood waste ash which is found more precious in modified concrete. The partial replacement of 30% wood ash in concrete mix gives a very good impact in flexural strength. These results were compared with conventional concrete to find out the efficiency of the mix and quality of the mix. Using the SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) 26 software, the samples are analyzed, and independent t-test variables are also examined. represents the two sample groups’ group statistics. The compressive strength of novel E-waste concrete is 37.86 N/mm2 . The significance value of 0.000 (p < 0.05) and standard deviations are 0.26 and 0.49 respectively. The significance error is zero, while the standard deviation is +/- 1 standard deviation. The 2-tailed G-power mean difference is p = 0.001, which is less than 0.05. Together with more studies on increasing the amount of wood waste ash in concrete by 1.04%, the effectiveness of adding 30% more wood waste ash will also be assessed.

Published on: October 09, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s3-044
Citation: Kesari LSRP, Rajkumar SS. 2023. Experimental Investigation on the Flexural Behavior of Optimized Green Concrete. NanoWorld J 9(S3): S225-S229.

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