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A New Alluaudite-like Phosphate, Na1.67Co2.45Cr0.78(PO4)3: Synthesis and Crystal Structure

Sirine El Arni, Mohammed Hadouchi, Jamal Khmiyas, Abderrazzak Assani, Mohamed Saadi and Lahcen El Ammari


The development of new phosphate materials has attracted huge attention because of their promising applications as electrode materials and solid-state electrolytes for next-generation batteries. Several phosphates were elaborated and structurally investigated, such as the NASICON and alluaudite families, which show promising structural features permitting electrochemical activity as electrodes for rechargeable Li/Na batteries. In the context of the elaboration and structural investigation of novel alluaudite phosphates, we report on the crystal growth and the structural investigation of a new sodium, cobalt, and chromium-based phosphate, Na1.67Co2.45Cr0.78(PO4)3, with an alluaudite-type structure. This phosphate has been produced using a solid-state technique and its structure has been elucidated thanks to single-crystal X-ray diffraction (XRD) data. The title compound crystallizes in space group C2/c of the monoclinic system with the lattice parameters a = 11.7538 (3) Å, b = 12.3671 (3) Å, c = 6.4180 (2) Å, and β = 114.022 (10)°. Its structure is formed by infinite chains, which are in turn created from edge-sharing (Co1,Cr1)2O10 units and Co2O6 octahedra. These infinite chains are bonded together by the PO4 tetrahedra, resulting in a three-dimensional framework with two different kinds of hexagonal tunnels where Na+ and Na+ /Co2+ cations can be found.

Published on: September 29, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s2-072
Citation: El Arni S, Hadouchi M, Khmiyas J, Assani A, Saadi M, et al. 2023. A New Alluaudite-like Phosphate, Na1.67Co2.45Cr0.78(PO4)3: Synthesis and Crystal Structure. NanoWorld J 9(S2): S425-S430.

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