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Utilization of Limestone Quarry Waste as a Part of the LC3 Cement

Matea Flegar, Gaspard Houdayer, Kiran Ram, Marijana Serdar and Karen Scrivener


The use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) offers the cement industry a rapid transition to minimise CO2 emissions associated with clinker production. It is already known that cements containing calcined clays in combination with limestone (LC3) are a good alternative to reduce the clinker factor without compromising mechanical properties or durability. This study analyses the possibility of limestone quarry waste utilisation as limestone addition in the LC3 system. The differences in limestone particles, defined by particle size distribution, are investigated, and compared with commercially available limestone filler (LF). The limestone quarry waste (LQW) was adopted in the study in two ways, as received (AR) and processed by grinding in a disc mill (DM). The LC3 mixes were developed with a 45% of cement replacement which contains 30% calcined clay and 15% limestone. They were tested to address the reactivity and the compressive strength of mortars. The results indicate a higher reactivity of the finer limestone powder from industrial production, although the difference is not very large. This could open the path for a more sustainable use of quarry waste and lover the CO2 emissions regarding cement production.

Published on: September 25, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s2-016
Citation: Flegar M, Houdayer G, Ram K, Serdar M, Scrivener K. 2023. Utilization of Limestone Quarry Waste as a Part of the LC3 Cement. NanoWorld J 9(S2): S93-S96.

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