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Alkali-activated Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag Based Viscosity-modifying Agents

Hassan Ez-zaki, Maurizio Bellotto and Gilberto Artioli


This paper studies the influence of VMAs on the rheological properties of Na2CO3 alkali-activated GGBS. Two commercial VMAs ˗ PEO as a superplasticizer and EDTMP ˗ were combined and mixed with the binder at different water to binder ratio (w/b = 0.35; 0.40; 0.45 and 0.50). The PEO dosage used was 0.3%, and EDTMP was 0.1% and 0.3%. The diameter of spread, viscosity and viscoelastic properties were investigated through a series of experiments. Results showed that, at high w/b, the workability of fresh paste increased with increasing EDTMP content in the binder. Moreover, EDTMP has decreased the viscosity when mixed at high fraction with PEO, while achieving a high-water reduction. Also, in the linearity region at SAOS, the elastic modulus exhibited stronger microstructure network of the system when lower EDTMP fraction was used at low w/b. The presence of PEO superplasticizer did not decrease the viscosity of the paste, while the EDTMP agent had a major effect on the superplasticizer efficiency at low w/b.

Published on: September 21, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s2-004
Citation: Ez-zaki H, Bellotto M, Artioli G. 2023. Alkali-activated Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag Based Viscosity-modifying Agents. NanoWorld J 9(S2): S18-S23.

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