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Investigation of Polypropylene-copper Polymer-matrix Composite

Sandeep Bhoi, Rakesh Ranjan Chand and Boddepalli Durga Rao


It has been shown that polymer-matrix composites can exhibit excellent mechanical properties. This research reports the dynamic mechanical analysis, scratch, and impact test results of polypropylene-copper polymer-metal matrix composite. The copper powder and polypropylene are taken as the base material for preparing the composite material, and two types of composites are synthesized using 5% and 10% copper. With the help of a magnetic stirrer, ethanol and copper powder are mixed and processed through ultrasonic bath sonication. The twinscrew extruder process blending is carried out for copper and polypropylene. The hot air oven is used for a few hours to remove the moisture content. The result shows that 5% copper mixture composite has less deformation rate than 10% copper mixture composite. Izod and Charpy tests are also carried out to determine the polymer composite’s impact strength. Finally, the scratch test using a diamond indenter is carried out to investigate the mechanical properties of the composites. The results show that the deformation rate of the sample of 5% copper is relatively less than 10% copper sample. In the case of the scratch test, when a constant load is applied to the specimen, the traction force is more significant in the 10% sample than in the 5%, but in the ramp load condition, the traction force varies for a short period.

Published on: April 25, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s1-087
Citation: Bhoi S, Chand RR, Rao BD. 2023. Investigation of Polypropylene-copper Polymermatrix Composite.NanoWorld J 9(S1): S455-S458.

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