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Analysis of the von Mises Stress for Edge and Embedded Cracks in Statically Loaded Planar Elements

Amartya Bose, Bikash Panja, Sumit Chabri, Akhtarujjaman Sarkar, Ankesh Samanta and Goutam Roy


The present study is based on the determination and analysis of stress concentrations due to cracks in planar elements under static loading. It is pragmatic that finite element analysis (FEA) can efficiently determine the stress at a point near the crack tip. At present computer aided engineering (CAE) tools are at hand which can efficiently perform the FEA. In the present work the FEA is performed in ABAQUS platform. For the validation of the present work a Finite element model of a plate with two semicircular holes on opposite edges is developed by using the dimensions and other conditions as stated in a refereed publication. The present result is juxtaposed with the earlier published result in refereed publication. After that a planar model with crack is developed in ABAQUS and the model is simulated for different crack locations under static loading. The plate is fixed under different boundary conditions. The results are plotted against the crack locations to observe the effect of edge cracks and embedded cracks at different locations. It is noted that in every situation a regular pattern in between the von Mises stress value and crack location may not be obtained. Hence FEA is very essential for checking the stress in designing an element when any kind of discontinuity is present in the element.

Published on: April 25, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s1-086
Citation: Bose A, Panja B, Chabri S, Sarkar A, Samanta A, et al. 2023. Analysis of the von Mises Stress for Edge and Embedded Cracks in Statically Loaded Planar Elements.NanoWorld J 9(S1): S450-S454.

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