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E-waste: A Review

Kumar Vaibhav and Mamta Awasthi


This study examines current trends, obstacles, and the potential for electronic waste (e-waste). There is a brief discussion regarding some e-waste related topics, such as collection, pre-treatment, and recycling. Europe is the top contributor for e-waste collection. Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania come after in the race. E-waste raw materials are thought to be worth $57.0 billion in total. To offset 15.0 million tons (Mt) of CO2 , e-waste of only around $10.0 billion is sustainably recovered for materials and recycled. The process of collection, then sorting the dynamic range of e-waste with lower emission, energy requirement, prevention of inflow of waste generation, and cheaper recycling processes are the main difficulties in treating e-waste. There are currently only 78 nations around the world with laws regarding e-waste. In most places, such laws are not effectively enforced. Northern Africa and South-East Asia are developing nations with little to no e-waste legislation. Therefore, it becomes important to treat the e-waste properly so that it can play a significant participation in circular economy, through public awareness, effective implementation, country-specific standards and legislation, and government participation for cost-effective technologies developments.

Published on: April 20, 2023
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2023-s1-069
Citation: Vaibhav K and Awasthi M. 2023. E-waste: A Review. NanoWorld J 9(S1): S354-S358.

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