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Anisotropic Cosmological Model Bianchi type–III for Cloud String with Volume Viscosity in General Relativity

Laxmi Poonia and Sunil Kumawat


The anisotropic Cosmological model Bianchi type III for cloud string with volume viscosity are studied, to get the determinate solution, the coefficient of volume viscosity assumed as a power function of an expansion ξ = kθn and shear scalar (σ) is directly proportional to scalar expansion (θ), which leads to the relation between metric potential B = Cα. In the physical features is found that the power ends n has a significant influence on the cloud string model, when n < 1 then ‘big bang’ starts and n > 1 then no big bang start, In the special condition n = 0 the model reduces to the string model of constant-coefficient of volume viscosity.

Published on: December 06, 2022
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2022-s1-030
Citation: Poonia L, Kumawat S. 2022. Anisotropic Cosmological Model Bianchi type –III for Cloud String with Volume Viscosity in General Relativity. NanoWorld J 8(S1): S194-S198.

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