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Plant-Extract Mediated Synthesis of Copper – and Iron- Based Nanoparticles for Various Applications

Harshita Sachdeva, Naveen Sharma, Amit Sharma and Rahul Shrivastava


Green synthesis has attracted wide attention as a trustworthy and environmentally friendly approach for synthesising a broad variety of nanomaterials, including metal NPs and metal oxide NPs. It is considered an advanced tool for reducing the harsh effects related to the conventional methods of nanoparticle synthesis, which are generally used in the laboratory and industry. The current review article focuses on investigations indicating the new processes to produce copper and iron-based nanoparticles by using extracts of plant parts, particularly, flower, stem, seeds, whole plant, and fruit extracts, followed by the future opportunity of work in this area.

Published on: November 06, 2022
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2022-s1-026
Citation: Sachdeva H, Sharma N, Sharma A, Shrivastava R. 2022. Plant-Extract Mediated Synthesis of Copper-and Iron-Based Nanoparticles for Various Applications. NanoWorld J 8(S1): S162-S167.

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