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Advances and Opportunities of Nano materials in Wastewater Treatment

G. Gupta, J. Khan and N. K. Singh


Water is the most important resource for life and its availability with natural water quality is essential for environmental sustainability. However, the world is facing water crisis especially due to water contamination of water bodies through discharge of wastewater emanating from urban and industrial areas. Extensive urbanization and industrial development with increasing human population intensified overexploitation and severe contamination of water resource which leads to detrimental impact on aquatic ecosystem and water quality. Therefore, it is important to treat wastewater before its final discharge into the water bodies to ensure conserving natural water and aquatic environment. Various conventional water treatment techniques are available and being used for treating wastewater, however, these are ineffective to treat the whole wastewater generating due to more gap between wastewater generation and treatment facility available and even their cost effectiveness. Limits of traditional technologies and materials for removing undesired and hazardous chemicals from water have encouraged the development of more effective and long-term solutions. Thus, more advanced technologies are emerging to treat wastewater more effectively. Nanotechnology has emerged as an advance technology for effective wastewater treatment. Main benefit of using nanomaterial-based technology is its reusability and effectiveness. Various forms of single or hybrid nanomaterials have been widely used to remove various contaminates including metals, microorganisms and organic contaminants from wastewater. This review is based on the advancement and application of nanotechnology for effective wastewater treatment and conserve water quality.

Published on: October 27, 2022
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2022-s1-018
Citation: Gupta G, Khan J, Singh NK. 2022. Advances and Opportunities of Nano materials in Wastewater Treatment. NanoWorld J 8(S1): S97-S103.

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