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Report on the Fourth Edition of NanoWorld Conference, Paris, France

Claudio Nicolini


On March 04-06, 2019 the NanoWorld Journal (NWJ) hosted its fourth edition of NanoWorld Conference (NWC) in Paris, France around the theme “Useful Science and Technology for a Just World”. NWC Paris-2019 has witnessed an unprecedented gathering of technological experts and creative thought leaders from reputed universities, industries, government laboratories and agencies. Experts from around the world gathered to discuss and share the experience of their research outcomes in the field of Nanotechnology and Nanosciences to address problems arising for humanity from energy to environment and natural disasters, cancer to hardware and space which have been growing and frequently underestimated. NWJ under the joint sponsorship of USG-United Scientific Group, a non-profit organization based in USA and Fondazione EL.B.A. Nicolini, Italy hosted the Conference with keynote and featured speakers covering different fields of nanotechnology from reputed academic institutions and cutting edge nanotechnological companies to deliver the transition from laboratories to commercial applications for the benefit of Society. 46 Scientists from 18 countries attended the NWC Paris-2019.

Published on: April 03, 2019
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2019-064
Citation: Nicolini C. 2019. Report on the Fourth Edition of NanoWorld Conference, Paris, France. NanoWorld J 5(1): 6-7.

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