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Perspectives: DOD Inkjets at High and Ultra-Brilliant Light Sources

Rita Graceffa, Angelo Accardo, Martin Rosenthal, Mariia Vlasova and Christian Riekel


Droplets generated by inkjets can serve as carriers for biological solutions and objects including nanocrystals. X-ray scattering from ballistic droplets loaded with biological matter provides conformational and structural information in the absence of confining walls of microfluidic systems. Such experiments have been performed stroboscopically on a stream of droplets of sub-nL volume using quasi-continuous synchrotron radiation microbeams in order to obtain sufficient counting statistics. We will discuss methodological and scientific perspectives of X-ray scattering with micro- and nanobeams from individual droplets down to aL volumes based on pulsed ultra-brilliant X-ray free electron laser and 4th generation synchrotron radiation sources.

Published on: January 02, 2019
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2018-061
Citation: Graceffa R, Accardo A, Rosenthal M, Vlasova M, Riekel C. 2018. Perspectives: DOD Inkjets at High and Ultra-Brilliant Light Sources. NanoWorld J 4(4): 54-60.

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