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A New Journal for a New Useful Science and a Just World

Claudio Nicolini


The warning for humanity was never so serious from his origin and the overall world priority has to be rewritten centering the emphasis on the immediate solution of the dramatic problems facing humanity in energy, health, environment and worldwide exploding conflicts. From their solution indeed depends the human race own survival and they can be solved only by a worldwide cooperation in the areas of science and technology including Russian Federation and United States, as I have been asking. Only a full cooperation can do it since time is running out and only Research and Development [1] is capable to solve the dramatically growing problems in society, energy, environment, space, hardware and cancer [2]. With this new Journal named NanoWorld we aim to find a solution to the open problems of the above sectors in order to achieve the scope to close this circle which otherwise could lead to the end of humans survival.

Published on: February 13, 2015
doi: 10.17756/nwj.2015-e001
Citation:  Nicolini C. 2015. A New Journal for a New Useful Science and a Just World. NanoWorld J 1(1): 1-3.