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Volume 2, Issue 2

Dielectric Response of Nix Zn1-x Al Fe O4 Nanoferrites

Paramesh Donta, Vijaya Kumar Katrapally and Venkat Reddy Pendyala
Ni-Zn-Al nanoferrites of general formula Nix Zn1-x Al Fe O4 (x = 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0) were synthesized by sol-gel auto combustion technique. The X-ray diffraction and FTIR studies confirmed the formation of single cubic spinel structure. Dielectric performance and AC conductivity of prepared mixed nanoferrites were carried out using LCR impedance meter.

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Strategy for Energy and Environment After Paris

Claudio Nicolini
A new version of the World Economic Forum focused on Energy and Environment as proposed by Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe is fundamental after adopting the Paris Agreement, considering that this third Innovation for Cool Earth Forum occurring in 2016 at Tokyo is the very first pertinent international meeting thereafter.

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NanoWorld Journal – Space Section, with Emphasis on SWaP

Thakoor Anilkumar
The high cost of escaping Earth’s gravity is the dominant factor that continues to limit large scale exploration and exploitation of space. With continuous technology advances, the cost of space launch is gradually decreasing, however, it is still several thousand dollars per kilogram. Lowering the cost of access to space therefore remains a major policy objective for space agencies all over the globe.

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Encouraging Submission of Studies Seeing Stem Cell Biology in the Light of Physical Energies and Nanoscale Approaches: Towards a Regenerative Medicine without the Needs for Stem Cell Transplantation

Carlo Ventura
Compelling evidence demonstrate that our cells are able to generate electromagnetic signals [1-5] and mechanical oscillations [6-9], affording essential modulation of cell polarity. At the level of somatic cells and tissue resident stem cells cell polarity results from, and acts on the modulation of cellular ion fluxes, electric fields, and microtubular dynamics of the cytoskeleton and nucleoskeleton.

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