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Volume 1, Issue 2

Technology Transfer and Objective Assessment of Science and World Priority

Claudio Nicolini
Worthy of notice in this issue are for Society a critical analysis of post-Soviet space provided by one of the past closest associate of Gorbachiev [1], for Hardware new avenues in nanomaterials industry open by graphene and carbon nanotubes utilization with Li-ion batteries, conductive films and thermoset composites [2], for Cancer the combined application to melanoma of old immunology.

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A Novel Rhodopsin Gene from Octopus vulgaris for Optobioelectronics Materials

Alexander Zhgun, Darya Avdanina, Mikhail El`darov, Eugenia Pechkova and Claudio Nicolini
The unique photochromic retinal protein from rhabdomeric octopus membranes – octopus rhodopsin (OctR) has emerged as promising material for biomolecular photonic applications due to its unique properties and advantages. Here we report isolation of the novel full length octR gene from retina cDNA of Octopus vulgaris eyes and its sequence comparison with rhodopsins of other cephalopods and vertebrates.

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Strategist PLGA Nano-capsules to Deliver siRNA for Inhibition of Carcinoma and Neuroblastoma Cell Lines by Knockdown of MYC Proto-oncogene using CPPs and PNA

Archana Raichur, Yoshikata Nakajima, Yutaka Nagaoka, Kotaro Matsumoto, Toru Mizuki, Kazunori Kato, Toru Maekawa and D. Sakthi Kumar
RNA interference and the therapeutic applications using small interfering RNA was discovered more than 10 years ago and currently is used in various applications including in therapeutic field. However the research in this field is still in its infancy.

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