Giuseppe Zanotti
Associate Editor for Structural Proteomics

Claudio Ando Nicolini

Giuseppe Zanotti graduated in chemistry in Padua in 1974 and he is now Full Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of the same University. Since the beginning of its scientific career he has worked at the determination of the structure of molecules and macromolecules through x-ray diffraction. After a Dr degree dissertation on bovine pancreatic Ribonuclease, he has been always active in the field of structural biology. In 1979-80 he has spent one year at the Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics in Oxford, working with Louise Johnson on the structure of glycogen phosphorylase b. Back to Padua (Associate Professor in 1983, Full Professor in 2000), he has been interested in proteins that bind and transport small hydrophobic molecules, in the structural determination of protein kinase CK2/inhibitor complexes and, more recently, in that of proteins from pathogenic bacteria, in particular H. pylori.

Giuseppe Zanotti has also been interested in theoretical aspects of the phase problem in crystallography and on the analysis and conformational aspects of the structure of globular proteins. He has published 194 papers on international journals, 16 book chapters and some didactic books. He has deposited more than 132 protein structures at the PDB. He was awarded the gold medal from the Italian Crystallographic Association in 2007. H-index 34, citations 3800.

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