Encouraging Submission of Studies Seeing Stem Cell Biology in the Light of Physical Energies and Nanoscale Approaches: Towards a Regenerative Medicine without the Needs for Stem Cell Transplantation

Carlo Ventura


Compelling evidence demonstrate that our cells are able to generate electromagnetic signals [1-5] and mechanical oscillations [6-9], affording essential modulation of cell polarity.
At the level of somatic cells and tissue resident stem cells cell polarity results from, and acts on the modulation of cellular ion fluxes, electric fields, and microtubular dynamics of the cytoskeleton and nucleoskeleton. Cell polarity is crucial in the physiological modulation of stem cell differentiation and aging, as shown by the fact that altered cell polarization invariantly associates with disease, pathological aging and cancer [10-13]. To this end, the cytoskeletal and nucleoskeletal microtubular network form a major dynamic environment to establish and preserve cell polarity.