Protein Crystallization by Anodic Porous Alumina (APA) Template: The Example of Hen Egg White Lysozyme (HEWL)

Eugenia Pechkova, Nicola Luigi Bragazzi and Claudio Nicolini


In this communication, we report anodic porous alumina (APA) template induced crystallization. The APA nanotemplate was prepared on the glass substrate for the hen egg white lysozyme (HEWL) crystal growth. The changes in the lysozyme crystals morphology, namely in the a/c axis ratio, were observed in the crystal grown by APA nanotemplate, but not in the crystal obtained with classical hanging drop vapor diffusion method, under the same experimental conditions. The comparison of the diffraction data of the two crystals as well as bioinformatics and data mining approaches and molecular dynamics simulations suggest a possible explanation of the nanotemplate crystallization phenomenon and shed light on the APA-induced nanocrystallography.